Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My stupid power :P!

So i realize i havent written anything for the longest time.. well i did write a very long post several weeks ago..but the power went out and erased it, so i got really irritated! I've also been really sick lately D: i've missed way too much i don't have anything very interesting to post haha. I did go to homecoming, so i'll still post some photos! I feel like my aunts camera wasn't very flattering though o.o, every single photo my friend sam and i had red eyes xD!! But maybe we just take bad photos >.>? lol

haha were such dorks!

lately since i've been home so much i've really been trying to study up on gyaru! I even ordered some dolly wink lashes, i love Tsubasa (but who doesn't)!! I also got the triple function skin 49 bb cream, hopefully it will work nicely! I was really upset though because i was originally going to order these items and her lipstick, and get brown circle lens, from pinkyparadise...but my dad didn't want to order using paypal because he hates it i could only find the lashes and bb cream on a different website that didn't use paypal! I really have been wanting natural looking brown lenses, so if anyone knows a website/pair please tell me~ :3

ps: i will also do a review on the items once i get them :D!!