Saturday, March 10, 2012

I'm sorry for not posting!

Hey gals :)! I know i haven't posted in a while, mainly because I've been busy...but I've also kinda been out of gal for a while. My passion quickly returned and i want to be the best gal ever :D. But I'm still a noob at makeup and have a long way to go xD!! I hope you can all help me succeed c:
So anyways i was messing around with my makeup but only did one eye...tell me what you think c:! still not sure how to contour, oh and i didn't really do my hair lol so please help me~ also I've been looking for a lighter contact (maybe a honey brown) if anyone knows of nice ones (preferably around 14 in size) tell me :D!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My stupid power :P!

So i realize i havent written anything for the longest time.. well i did write a very long post several weeks ago..but the power went out and erased it, so i got really irritated! I've also been really sick lately D: i've missed way too much i don't have anything very interesting to post haha. I did go to homecoming, so i'll still post some photos! I feel like my aunts camera wasn't very flattering though o.o, every single photo my friend sam and i had red eyes xD!! But maybe we just take bad photos >.>? lol

haha were such dorks!

lately since i've been home so much i've really been trying to study up on gyaru! I even ordered some dolly wink lashes, i love Tsubasa (but who doesn't)!! I also got the triple function skin 49 bb cream, hopefully it will work nicely! I was really upset though because i was originally going to order these items and her lipstick, and get brown circle lens, from pinkyparadise...but my dad didn't want to order using paypal because he hates it i could only find the lashes and bb cream on a different website that didn't use paypal! I really have been wanting natural looking brown lenses, so if anyone knows a website/pair please tell me~ :3

ps: i will also do a review on the items once i get them :D!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

chinese class o.o

So i havent been able to make any posts lately..not then anyones following me haha, but i want to try to post as often as possible. The main reason why i haven't been able to though is chinese 2.... Last year i had the best and sweetest teacher song laoshi, but this year our class got a scary old man who yells at us :c. I've been studying like crazy, trying not to fail..because last year i barely learned laoshi was so chill >.>. But anyways now im gonna post some pictures from when me and my friend lindsey were at the mall :)

Outfit shot! haha this was the best one, all the others i was making some weird face >.<
Happy lindsey :D
Me doing....idk some weird hand thing xD
Lindsey laughing at my stupidity -.-
My "make", i didn't want to wear too much make up that day...because it was soooooo hot, and my makeup always manages to "melt" off of me on days like that...

Our day ended in smiles :)

So those are all the photos i took that day, im hopefully gonna take more pictures when i go out. I not yet used to the whole blogger thing haha~ oh but my next post will have many photos, because today my friend sierra and i are going homecoming dress shopping :3. I don't know if i will find one, but wish me luck!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rain Rain, pleasssseee go away

So its been raining for days now where i live.. and its supposed to keep raining!
You don't realize how much i hate rain! It makes everything wet (way to state the obvious), my hair frizz, everything dark, and my overall mood terrible. But im sure most of you feel this way too.. or maybe the opposite? Do you perhaps like the rain? Well anyways, on to what happened to me today~

I dont have any pictures, but i don't think anyone would want to see how terrible i looked xD! Today after school i missed my bus, and i had no way to get home other WALK! Just imagine, its pouring and i was wearing new shoes so naturally i took them off and threw them in my bag! Haha i would much rather have wet feet then ruin my shoes... So by the time i was near my house a girl and her mom offered me a ride (which was really sweet of them) i felt gross makeup was running (i looked like a raccoon), my clothes were soaked, my hair wet and frizzy, and i was wearing no shoes! haha but they were so nice and it was a big help. Although i think im starting to get sick.

I took a 3 hour nap when i got now i have to do my homework still, and i have a ton!
~so thats all for now ^^

Friday, September 2, 2011


wow i havent posted in a while ha ha! Well not much has really happened lately except starting school -.-. Its the first week and teachers are already piling on homework! Well the good news is i had delicious
vietnamese food today so i thought i would share!!

this was so yummy!!

Well i also ordered a jumper and a cute top from yesstyle a few days ago, when my stuff comes i will be sure to post! There is nothing like the weekend and a good meal to make someones day!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Introduction :3

well hi there~ <3

Im glad you've stumbled along my blog, my names Caroline.  I've always been into japanese culture 

especially their fashion and anime... at one point or another it was all about lolita fashion to me, but I've 

slowly grown to like gyaru fashion much much more, and now find lolita for the most part silly looking 

^^;; !  I first saw gyaru a few years ago online (i definitely thought it was cute) but had no idea what it was.  

But now i want to become the best gyaru i can possibly be.  I know it wont be easy, but please follow me 

on my journey and wish me the best of lucky~ (cheesy much xD)