Sunday, September 18, 2011

chinese class o.o

So i havent been able to make any posts lately..not then anyones following me haha, but i want to try to post as often as possible. The main reason why i haven't been able to though is chinese 2.... Last year i had the best and sweetest teacher song laoshi, but this year our class got a scary old man who yells at us :c. I've been studying like crazy, trying not to fail..because last year i barely learned laoshi was so chill >.>. But anyways now im gonna post some pictures from when me and my friend lindsey were at the mall :)

Outfit shot! haha this was the best one, all the others i was making some weird face >.<
Happy lindsey :D
Me doing....idk some weird hand thing xD
Lindsey laughing at my stupidity -.-
My "make", i didn't want to wear too much make up that day...because it was soooooo hot, and my makeup always manages to "melt" off of me on days like that...

Our day ended in smiles :)

So those are all the photos i took that day, im hopefully gonna take more pictures when i go out. I not yet used to the whole blogger thing haha~ oh but my next post will have many photos, because today my friend sierra and i are going homecoming dress shopping :3. I don't know if i will find one, but wish me luck!


  1. Aww you're so cute!!! *o* I love your hair colour!!!!! Thank you so much for your visit!! *___*

    I got these alpacas as a present!! I think it's possible to buy them online in ebay, etc..but I guess it's a little expensive! >__<

    Many kisses!!! ^3^

  2. Nenacho~ aww thanks >w<, hopefully i can find one!!! And thanks for your reply!